Who We Are

For over 20 years we have been known
as good noses for design
and the organization
of clients’ promotion and advertising products.
Already in the conception face,
we are on your or your agency side,
present the newest trends
or make crafty proposals
according to your marketing strategies.
Our specialties:
Innovative product solutions
and never before seen design ideas.
That way we create highly emotional connections
between your brand and your target group.

We make it happen.

What we do

At the beginning, there is always an idea,
either from you or from us.
From that we create something very
concrete with essential integration of perfect
materials and functions.

After that, we prepare
the organization of serial production
with our over 20-year experience.

With partners around
the globe for many years,
we guarantee fair conditions
and quality product for all concerned.

The Dimension of Quality

You can see and feel product quality
at the first glance.
Our quality management
however reaches further into additional dimensions:
Fair and healthy working conditions,
certified materials and processes
are equally important to us
as our own tests and inspections on cite.
The personal audits of our employees
on cite in this case are more important
than paper and regulations.
Therefore, no standard is as high
as the one we set for ourselves.

Means of Promotions

Sterling-Cufflinks for Maggi®

About 70% of standard advertising materials
never reach their goal.
Possible reasons:  insufficient imagination,
inferior quality,
saturation of the target group with monotonous texts.
The result is a limitation in the market share.
Upon conception, we guide you from a giveaway gift
all the way to an extravagant award,
presenting newest trends and ideas,
which fit your market strategy.


Smarties® Dispenser with Disney® Character for Nestlé®

Synergies are set free
when large brands work together:
a winning concept for all.
We deliver a perfect product in form,
function and ability for international distribution
with worldwide certificates.

Club Outfits

Clubs and Fellowships all over the World trust to our Quality

We find the suitable solutions
not only for large
but also for small budgets.

Our specialty is
club identity branding
from a logo design
to online shopping
or finished products.

Certificate, Customs & Co.

Teddy with Uniform for the German Customs Teddywelt®

Our 20 years of experience also mean
top quality in dealing with authorities
around the world.
Test reports, export certificates,
import regulations or international custom laws
are a part of our daily tasks:
if time and delivery and precise information are your goals,
than we are your partners.

Your security and protection

BMW R 1200 RT, 1:24 for the GdP

Product piracy does tremendous damage.
Jobs, market chances
and valuable research and development capital are destroyed.
We accompany your product
on the road from the breadboard to the patent.
That way you will always be protected against bad copies
of your valuable ideas.


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Address:  Am Steintor 52, 48167 Münster

Phone: +49 (0) 2506/417 7 644

E-Mail: info@orango.info

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